What To Do Next:

Cutting The Cost Of Broadband:

“Often the very cheapest deals aren’t the best and won’t deliver you the speeds or the service you’ll require over your minimum contract term. Finding the right balance between ISP, speeds, contention and customer service best suited to your needs is where we go that extra mile.”

Free & Impartial Advice:

“UK ISP introduces customers to whichever ISP you choose suits your needs the best. UK ISP’s relationship is limited to that of a business partnership and no common control rights, ownership or relationship exists between us.Our service is provided free of charge to you, but we may receive a commission from the company you decide to place your order with. Any set up fees or deposits taken at the point of sale are paid directly to your new ISP.”

What’s Involved:

“Simply give us a call on 0131 227 2666, we’ll ask you the following easy questions so we can filter out any unsuitable deals;

  • Your name – so we know how to address you on the call
  • Your postcode – so we can tell what services and speeds you are eligible to receive
  • Your email address – so we can email you the details of any offers, with your permission of course!
  • What you use the internet for – so we can find the best price and product for you
  • Who your current provider is – so we can look at new & existing customer offers
  • What your current bill amount is – so we can advise if there are savings to be made”

What Speeds Can You Get:

“We’ll always give you 2 speeds an “up to” speed which is the maximum Mb speed your telephone line is capable of receiving along with and estimated “up to” speed which factors in degradation of the maximum speed depending on distance from the exchange, local cabling, cabinet capacity and local network usage. Please note that your estimated speeds can still be affected by many different factors such as your postcode location, your local cabinet, internal wiring, wifi interference, local network congestion and / or outages and the national network load in general.”

What Network Will You Be On:

“There are 3 main networks in the UK, the Openreach network, the LLU network and the Virgin network. Depending on your requirements we’ll look at Openreach & LLU to provide the best solution for you.”

What Broadband Can You Get:

“We can offer IP Stream, WBC, ADSL, ADSL2, LLU MPF, SMPF, FTTC & FTTP broadband to you, which services are active on your local cabinet will decide which of these products are available to you. We’ll always look at which will offer you the best download speed and stability when we run a non intrusive line check once you contact us.”