Post Office Broadband Price Increases

Post Office Broadband / Internet Price Increases

The Post Office have recently announced price increases on their Post Office Broadband & Post Office Fibre bundles. This means that customers can see some significant increases to their bills. You don’t have to accept these rises though, even if you’re in contract. If you’re affected by the price increase you can leave your contract penalty free and find a better deal elsewhere, or you may be able to renegotiate your existing deal. Simply call us on  0800 915 6139 to discuss how we can help you find the best broadband prices and we’ll advise you on how best to exit your contract with the Post Office.

btlogoBT are the best known home phone & broadband provider in the UK. Offering speeds up to 76MB on standard fibre to the cabinet products. Other products available include TV & Mobile. Line & Broadband From £29.99 per month. Line & Fibre from £34.99 per month. Line only from £18.99. Conditions apply. More info

skylogoSky are a quickly growing home phone & broadband provider offering some excellently priced deals especially when taken in conjunction with their market leading television subscription service. Line & broadband from £18.99 per month. Line & Fibre from £20 per month. Conditions apply More info

talktalklogoTalkTalk have always been one of the lower priced providers, in recent times their low prices and short contract terms are quickly building back consumer confidence. Line & Broadband from £22.95 per month. Line & Fibre From £27 per month. Conditions apply. More info

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