Optics Internet – Call: 03300232329

For customers that require more complex telecommunication accounts, such as those with special requirements, impairments or Power of Attorney for example, we recommend that you look at Optics Internet who have a wealth of pre-defined account options along with bespoke account access levels.

Whether you or the person you care for have special requirements, such as wanting extra people named on your account to make sure it runs smoothly, need someone else to pay your bill on your behalf, have someone else take care of any technical support, use text to speech or speech to text services or even if you hold a power of attorney, Optics Internet have bespoke internet access accounts you can customise to exactly how you need to make your life that little bit easier.

Optics Internet believe that having a phone line and broadband should be a straightforward affair and are experienced in handling accounts with special requirements, to find out more information either give them a call using the telephone number on screen or visit www.opticsinternet.com

To contact Optics Internet to see how they can help you set up your account, or that for someone you care for, please call them on 0330 023 23 29 and a specialist advisor will talk through the options available to you.

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