Business Broadband & Line Rental

Business Broadband 0800 531 6562

Choosing the best business broadband & line rental deal can often be time consuming with making like for like comparisons difficult.

Things to consider are; what are the charges for line rental & broadband, what is the contract length, what is the penalty for leaving early, what happens if prices go up – can you leave penalty free, do they offer call bundles, what are out of bundle call charges, do they offer SIP or VOIP calling, if so do they supply hardware and maintain that hardware. Importantly can they retain your number or offer a memorable one for your new start up?

As many different providers offer the above information in a variety of formats, making the best informed decision can be very difficult. That’s where we come in, we’re able to drill down the best deals for your requirements and propose the deals we think suit your needs the best.

To do this, simply give us a call on 0800 531 6562 and we’ll ask you some simple questions about your business, your telephony & data wish list and come back to you with a suitable proposal.

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